I made it my business (literally) to help you achieve your Big Dreams online & otherwise (& then we Dream Bigger).

I work with the freespirits of the internet to make big money with their lifeswork... (& feel more themselves than ever before)

I never say "I never could've imagined this"... because I imagined every single part of the Big Dreams life & business I created

I used to walk past Big Dreams Beach  Houses and stare at Oprah & CEO's like Sara Blakely on my TV screen. Imagining what life would be like if I created a business that changed peoples lives & mine at the same time

When I quit my last job 17 years ago and started figuring out business, my main motivation was so I could be at home with my babies while studying my Bachelor of Communications. A few months into my quest, I said: "Business is where it's at for me". By the time I finished my university degree I had 3 kids and heap of businesses. Including a business & babies blog I'd been writing "JUST FOR FUN". That became a 6 figure business & then a 7 figure business as a business, branding and beliefs coach

big dreams genie

Make big money with your big dreams business being more yourself than ever before

You're so keen for the OMGANDOFCOURSE moments of 'OMG I had the best day ever'... champagne clinking celebrations with your coach. Be out with family and have a $50K client pay in full for the year. Build brands around your body of works, so they have a mind (& magic) of their own. While doing it with a business model that works with the way you work.

What I'm 


Going viral on instagram after years of having a dead(ish) instagram account. Instagram finally figuring out my content is fire and doing the leg work for me. It's been the funnest vibe and ride

What I'm 


That after a decade of making 6 and now 7 figures online I've learnt energetic currency on a whole new level and created more "omnipresent offers" and "cashflow channels" that creates energetic equilibrium in my business

What I'm 

not about

Cookie cutter, plug and play, paint by numbers, creatively-void business building for lifeworkers. Making them rely more on instagram insights than intuition & becoming driven by data not dreams.

what I


You're not given a big dream without the ability to achieve it. When it's your time, it's your time, be ready for it.


dream travel

dream cars

dream houses

WRITE without needing it to be READ.
SPEAK without requiring it to be HEARD.
CREATE without craving its CONSUMPTION.
Dream it up and let it be what it wants to be.



i cracked 7 figures in a caravan

7 years ago we sold our house, bought a caravan and travelled Australia full-time. I cracked 7 figures with my family of 5 in a 19 foot caravan. I did livestreams from the car, cafes and creeks. Client sessions on beaches, in rainforests, on mountain tops and in the outback. That was my literal "road to the millions" while homeschooling the kids and giving them a dream childhood. 

I've raised women and I'm raising a man... while celebrating 24 years together with my husband and running a million dollar business. I know my sht.  

Tahnie 20
Amali 17
Mason 11




A time capsule that breaks down the branding, big dreams, beliefs, buyables and balancement behind aligning to 7 figures in 8 months as a coach

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Jana Kingsford helps Big Dreamers grow their lifeswork into a dream business, cracking nuts they've never cracked before & having best months ever (literally)

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