For LifeWorkers who create courses, facilitate masterminds & mentor clients in our areas of our expertise + experience with deep enthusiasm. We dream bigger, imagine more and levitate to new levels at lightning fast speeds as you go all in on your LifesWork

 welcome to the energy of DREAMS + INSPO + ACTION = DREAMSPO

I’m Jana

BIG DREAMer of the internet

Freespirited, brightminded, lighthearted, space holder, dream whisperer, subconscious reprogrammer out here representing Big Dreams and your capacity to dream bigger, imagine more and go all in. 

My work is creating the energetic elixir for your entrepreneurial dreams. Walking with you as you achieve (strategically) and attune (energetically)  to your million dollar business dreams. Doing what love, with the ones you love, in a way you love. 

Dreams beyond dreams. You in?  


High Level 12 Month Rolling 1:1 + Mastermind for Next Level Lifeworkers Navigating the 7 Stages of Big Dreams & Attuning to 7 Figure Dreams