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Figure7 Mastermind

12 Months of Expanding Your Brand & Aligning to 7 Figures

A hybrid mastermind and all-access-pass experience with Jana Kingsford to finesse the 7 pillars of 7 figures. While navigating the personal evolution required to align your to your 7 figure dream.

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Monthly Live Beliefetics Session

Deja Vu Visualisation

Money Energy Clearing

Cracking Nuts Goal Masterclass

My 1st 6 Figure Month Belief Work

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Monthly Live Beliefetics Session

Deja Vu Visualisation

Money Energy Clearing

Cracking Nuts Goal Masterclass

My 1st 6 Figure Month Belief Work

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Journal. Visualise. Affirmations. Tapping. Scripting…

When do you have time to actually work, create, just be?

10 years ago I was walking down the river with pushing my 3rd baby in his pram. I’d been trying to transition from my in-person businesses so I could turn my mummy blog into a business. A million moving pieces and new skills to learn. 

Meanwhile, I was drowning in my doubts, limiting beliefs and fears. Slowing down every step I took. Making it take way longer than required or desired. Should I journal? Visualise my ideal day? Repeat affirmations? Do tapping. Write a script and repeat it? 

I stopped in my tracks as I heard ‘the’ voice.  Jana, if you think success = hard work, you’ll never let yourself go for this.


& I went from $1K months to $11K months in 5 months.  

Beliefetics Monthly Membership with Jana 

A rhythm & routine for reprogramming your mind

Monthly live sessions to reprogram your beliefs to match your big dreams 

We create vision boards, we set big dreams, we train, practice and learn all the things. But as with any great feat in life, you can rehearse until you’re blue in the face, but nothing will prepare you for the resistance and realities of the ride you’re asking to be on.

The Beliefetics monthly membership was made to create consistency in your responsiveness to the resistance and realities that happen along the Big Dreams ride. 

By routinely using my subconscious reprogramming modality “Beliefetics” to get out ahead of the negative beliefs that impede your ability to achieve your Big Dreams. 

You get access to the short course so that when you come to the live reprogramming sessions we can get stuck straight into the facilitation without having to give instructions on the 5-step Beliefetics practice. 

Live Reprogrammings with Jana

My 1:1 work starts at $7777 to $12,222 a month. Inside Beliefetics, you get a live group reprogramming session monthly facilitated by me. Sitting down to do Beliefetics is often the hardest part. Once you’re there, it’s easy. 

5-Step Beliefetics Short Course

Lightning fast process for reprogramming your subconscious beliefs and realigning your beliefs with your Big Dreams. 

4 Advanced Bonus Workshops, Attunements & Activations

My most powerful and popular visualisations, attunements and masterclasses to keep you juiced between live sessions.

Beliefetics with Me

Body doubling is a powerful technique I use to focus on writing, studying and journaling. I’ve added ambient videos where you can do “Beliefetics with me” (virtually)

How does Beliefetics Work

Beliefetics is a lightning-fast journalling practice that can be typed, written or spoken. It engages the mind without overwhelming us with emotions. The practice makes the unconscious, conscious through repetitive association identification.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” Carl Jung

The practice is repetitive in nature and therefore when facilitated it is easier to stay with it until completion. It’s a real-time practice for realigning your beliefs and thoughts with your Big Dreams.

We do Beliefetics on ‘things’ we desire a shift on:

Big Dreams, Success, Launches, Money, Best Year Ever, Best Month Ever, Body of Work, Followers, Community, Revenue, Cashflow, Dream Love, Body, Self, Social Media… anything. 

Once the unconscious beliefs have been made conscious, we are able to create a succinct and visceral mindshift. From there we’re able to take inspired action without the friction of negative beliefs slowing down your forward momentum.

And that doesn’t even get into the alchemy of an aligned subconscious mind.

“OMG it’s one thing to know and do Beliefetics… but when you are led through it with a tapped in energy force with Jana Kingsford… That’s a whole other level”.

Shonah Lee





Beliefetics is a monthly live membership to consistently check in with the limiting beliefs holding you back. So once and for all you can stop getting in the way of your natural Big Dreams flow.

Pre-Beliefetics Session

  • ODiscombobulated thoughts
  • OStruggle to find the better-feeling-thought
  • OBeliefs unmatched with Big Dreams
  • ORelentless mind mush
  • OIncessant debilitating thought trains
  • OUnclear intentions
  • OThoughts spiralling south
  • OUnneccessary delays in Big Dreams
  • OMentally overwhelmed & drained

    Post-Beliefetics Session

    • RClear thoughts
    • RInstantly available better-feeling-thought
    • RBeliefs aligned with Big Dreams
    • RConsciously created clarity
    • RRepetitive positive thought forms
    • RCrystallised intentions
    • RThoughts spiralling north
    • RForward momentum on Big Dreams
    • RVisible & visceral shift in energy

      What’s inside the Beliefetics Membership

      Beliefetics monthly membership creates a repetitive routine for your Beliefetics practice of realigning your Beliefs to your Big Dreams & will keep you jazzed and juiced between live sessions. 



      Subconscious Reprogramming

      As the creator, founder and conduit of this modality, I have come to realise and witness my gift for creating seismic mind and energy shifts when facilitating Beliefetics in-session with my private and mastermind clients or while live with my community.

      As a beneficiary of the power of Beliefetics for a decade of making my Big Dreams come true. I have experienced extreme resistance to getting my butt in the seat for the practice.

      It’s like meditation, you know it’s great for you, but the hardest thing is getting yourself to sit down and do it. Even if it only takes 5 minutes. 

      Setting daily, weekly and monthly quests have worked best for me to stick to the process. So what better way to emulate this quest than by creating a monetary reminder (AKA paid membership) and a regular schedule for reprogramming those subconscious beliefs… live… with me? 

      I feel into the field for the Beliefetics subconscious reprogramming point. Then I go live to facilitate a live Beliefetics session with you.

      When you come LIVE to the Beliefetics session, you co-create the experience with me via what you bring forth. REPLAYS instantly available to watch in the FB Group. 





        5-Step Beliefetics Short Course

        5 x pre-recorded videos outlining the 5 steps of Beliefetics. So you can…

        A: Come to the live monthly Beliefetics sessions and know exactly how to do the practice.

        B: Do BELIEFETICS on anything, anywhere, always and forever.

        3 – 8 minute short instructional videos.

        As soon as you join you get access to the short course.

        You can start doing Beliefetics straight away.





          Advanced Bonus Workshops, Attunements & Activations

          I have included my most popular workshops and hand-selected attunements to keep you activated between each live Beliefetics session.

          Beliefetics has become part of almost every course I run whether it be on marketing, branding, sales, business, money, balance and/or Big Dreams.

          The success of each and every one of my courses, coaching and masterminds is dependent on an individual’s Belief in the product or service just as much it is the Belief in themselves. So over the years I’ve created some next-level core Belief-focused masterpieces to have clients align their beliefs, thoughts, intentions and therefore actions towards their desired goal. Perfect for our Beliefetics membership to keep you jazzed and juiced between the live sessions.

          Dig into the bonuses whenever you desire an instant inspired action hit or guided realignment.


            Being riddled with resistance & slayed by sabotage slows down your Big Dreams

            Limited Time Bonus Offers


            6 Figure Months Mindshift Workshop

            Fresh from my mind to market I recorded a workshop going through the exact Mindshifts I went through to catapult from 6 years of 6 figure years to 6 figure months. Includes a set of Beliefetics. 


            Cracking Nuts Goal Setting Workshop

            I see Big Dreams and Goals differently. I have a unique way of setting goals to keep it fun and interesting. It revolves around a process that keeps me in a constant state of appreciation and celebration. 


            Visualisations & Attunements

            My potent, powerful and palpable visceral visualisations and unique energetic attunements are perfect for tapping deeper into the emotionalisations activated through a Beliefetics session.

            Monthly membership, cancel anytime.

            You can choose the monthly or yearly membership option. Cancel anytime. No refunds.

            monthly subscription



              yearly subscription



                Hi, I’m Jana Kingsford chief Big Dreamer of the Internet. I made it my business (literally) to help Big Dreamers achieve their Big Dreams & then we Dream Bigger…

                In 2014 I founded the Beliefetics modality before I even knew what subconscious reprogramming was.  

                Every single one of my courses, memberships and masterminds have been created as a key component for achieving your Big Dreams through the power of your business.  Running, starting, scaling businesses since I was 22 (I’m now 39)  I’ve come to find business motivation, entrepreneurial spirt and content inspiration especially in the age of the personal brands, that the mind is behind all BIg Dreams that made it or not.



                Have a question?

                How do I access the membership?

                When you purchase you will be sent a link to join the Facebook group. All live trainings will be run inside the Beliefetics FB group. Replays and bonuses are also housed on our members-only online platform which you will be sent login details to after the 1st live session. 

                Can I cancel my membership?

                Yes! Just email or messenger the Dreamspo Team at least 48 business hours before your monthly or yearly subscription payment is due. 

                Will I get direct feedback / coaching from Jana?

                The Dreamspo Team are well versed with Beliefetics. They will be active inside the group 4 days a week. Answering questions, giving support, guidance and feedback. 

                The monthly live session with Jana is designed to facilitate Beliefetics. Sometimes while doing the Beliefetics you might have a question that sometimes will be answered in the moment or answered at the end of the session.

                Not all questions will be answered as this is not a group coaching program.

                When we’re deep in the session it’s best for all if we stay in our hearts and not in our heads wondering if we’re doing it right or wrong.  

                Jana pops into the group sporadically, there are no set hours, days or times for this between the live sessions.  

                Use the month between sessions to connect with the other members, get inspired by everyone’s posts, videos and photos about their Beliefetics. And keep yourself juiced by watching the bonuses.

                Is this practice for trauma?

                No. Although Jana is a trauma-informed coach who is also at the end of a trama-informed Breathwork certification. She does not bring this work into Beliefetics at this stage. 

                Beliefetics can bring up strong emotions for those unable to self-regulate and process overwhelming emotions. 

                If you’re deep in healing and requiring deep trauma support, Beliefetics might not be the right fit for you. 

                Beliefetics is advanced mindset work utilising energetic and emotionalisation techniques.  

                Beliefetics does not replace or substitute therapy. 


                Let’s match your Beliefs to your Big Dreams.

                When we set our Big Dreams, we’re filled with the buzz, excitement and energy that a fresh vision and mission creates. Those feelings are fleeting, and pretty soon you will be met with the fitness test for your next Big Dream. As you raise your Beliefs to the Big Dreams occasion every single day. This will be the test of your character. Are you capable of bringing the energy long after the initial enthusiasm has worn off? Focus, intention and deep cathartic work is what makes big dreams come true. Get jazzed and juiced for your Big Dreams and then sit down with pen and paper and nut out those beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your Big Dreams and then DREAMING BIGGER.


                monthly subscription



                  yearly subscription