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The Firehose Transmission

This transmission was recorded live while I was deep in the middle of a Firehose activation

It’s intense, spontaneous and filled with codes that were fresh from my mind to the market. This was my first livestream riffing out the concept of Firehose. That month I went on to have a $160K cash month and a few months later cracked my first $260K cash month. The codes in here share the significant energetic shifts I had, that translated directly into changing the way I showed up and took action… and would be forevermore referred to as ‘Firehose’ energy.

Inside this lightning in a bottle afterparty:

  • RThe energetics I cracked for $260K months
  • RTapping into the “I feel so hot right now” feels
  • RTurning breakthroughs into new baselines
  • RThe 'Poker' game I play to catch my contractions
  • RExpanding beyond your edges & finding new ceilings


  • RTapping into sales, money, inspiration, creativity & flow
  • RMove from 'holding' energy vs 'harnessing' energy
  • RActivating the Firehose energy on demand
  • RThe inner dialogue of how I turn on the Firehose
  • RThe tiny little 'tells' holding you back

When I recorded this ‘Firehose’ transmission. I had no idea it was going to start a whole ‘thing thing’. But over the next couple of months as I implemented the ‘Firehose’ energy more and more. And coached my clients with it. I started to see that the Firehose energy was actually activating more action from me than ever before. It was leading me to create the most beautiful content I was so proud of. I put time, effort and energy into my content creation like I never had before. We cracked $1.3M cash and I felt more creativity expressed than ever before. So I decided to capture this energy, like lightning in a bottle. And instead of ‘explain’ the Firehose, allow you to EXPERIENCE the Firehose energy. With a tactile 7-Day Content Creators Challenge. To experience the feeling, the rush, the heat, the passion, the energy coursing through you. And then watching as the sales, customers, flow, inspiration and creativity Firehosed in. All activated from within you. It became ‘The Firehose’ 7-Day prolific Content Creators Challenge. So you can not only hear me explain the FIREHOSE energy. You get to experience it for yourself. Viscerally.


7-day Firehose a Content Creation Challenge.

This is where you get to visercerlly experience the Firehose energy. You’ll get to see the energy coursing through you and creating more than ever before, but you’ll start to see the butterfly effect of the action. For those who have done it before. More sales, customers, inspiration and creativity than ever before.

You know what to do. When you’re in the creative flow, inspired action and feeling ‘so hot right now’ energy. But just harnessing that energy is the situation right now.

What’s inside the 7-day Firehose challenge


3 x Masterclasses

We start with the 1 hour Firehose initiation. Then in the middle of the challenge you have the 1 hour Challenge Check-In. Finishing with the Firehose Grand Finale.


7 x Microclasses

7 x daily microclasses to give you the Firehose actionables for the day. You also get a bonus Firehose ‘diary’ entry where I take you behind the scenes of implementing the activators.


7 x Emails

It wouldn’t be a challenge without a daily walkthrough. You get instant access to masterclasses and microclasses. And then the 7-day of email will roll out. 

lifetime instant access

3-days only

$444  $77

  • 3 x 1 hour Firehose Content Creator masterclasses
  • 7 x 5-10 Minute Firehose Daily Activations
  • 7 x Firehose Challenge Emails
  • 5 x Firehose Diaries by Jana