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DAY 1: DREAM BIGGER ~ 7 Figures In 8 Months 🫧
🌙 The How Behind The Wow!
This is the celebratory service, doing what I love for a living and passing it along.
✨ Crossing the threshold for 7 figures for 2022 in cash already.
✨ The How Behind the WOW celebrating the Million Dollar Financial Year & a month later celebrating a Million Dollar Calender year in 8 months.
✨ The Brand – the breakdown, flip and spinning it around.
✨ The changes of Buyer and Consumer Behaviour over the years and how to move and pivot your ways.
✨ Taking the time to build renowned brands around your bodies of work.
✨ One of the biggest codes to lock into is to build a brand, when people invest in my Mastermind I am creating intrinsic values.
✨ Building a Million Dollar body of work beneath your Million Dollar personal brand.
✨ Not wanting to launch and the how to fill a room while not launching or selling.
✨ Inspired Action Only – the oyster I have lived by in the last six months.
✨ The risk and move you have to make and going along on a quest.
✨ When you have a narrative you dont need a niche, being up on a stage and creating an incredible experience.
✨ All of my energy is funnelling and syphoning into this Dream Bigger expansion right now, feeling into what the message is here.
✨ What is inspired action and intentional action.
✨ MeBrand, working with the way you work.
✨ The Oyster, using the oyster of your business to realise the actions which are naturally occurring or feel like work.
✨ Not feeling inspired to do the strategic posts and the realisation of not creating content with an agenda this year.
✨ Alignment to the biggest dreams coming true and holding the resistance along the way.
✨ The major results of my clients, having all the codes and methodologies and modalities that are really important to my work.
✨ Looking at what your clients need and creating that, the fire programs I have created.
✨ The How I (not the how to) how has this translated for you in your Brand, The brand marking move!
See you inside.
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